Point by Point Myotherapy is a collective description form over 40 years of development and experience with soft tissue focusing on targeted results by Lisa Shelter, L.M.T.

Myofascial Trigger Points were fully documented by Dr. Janet Travell in the 1940's.  Through her research and treatment protocols many have benefitted. However, Bonie Prudden a Phiysical Therapist enhanced those protocols by creating a techniqure using fingertip and elbow pressure to release myofascial trigger points instead of dry needling alone. This was a breakthrough and together they investgated and developed the trigger point protocols.

Drawing from their research and development along with other disciplines I have produced Point by Point Myotherapy.  Below you will find more about my background, education and the different pain and dysfunctional issues I access and address.

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How I got started...

I get asked this all the time.  Here's my story in a condensed version.

Always learning

Learning comes in many forms.  Through the years I've gained the most from taking care of the folks who come to see me.

Dysfunction, Ailments, Aches and Pains

Pain not death is the enemy of mankind. -Bonnie Prudden