Always Learning

The saying ,  "Learn by doing." best sums up how I have developed my career.  Everyone who comes to me brings me something new to learn and benefits others!  

So thank you for coming!

The quest for improving my technique is never ending. Thus the reason I "practice" and the people who come to me are "patients". I regard what I do as a valid complementary healthcare profession. 

Since 1998 I have been licensed by the Health Related Boards of Tennessee and hold an active association with the American Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals. To maintain this licensure, 25 Continuing Education is required every 2 years. Aside from this requirement, Lisa is always expanding her knowledge which benefits YOU the most.

  • Has instructed at massage schools
  • Been a guest lecturer
  • Enjoys educating others
  • Runs a successful practice
  • Worked with alternative and medical practitioners.