The greatest compliment people can give is a testimonial of how someone was helped through the care received or a recommendation from another healthcare professional . 

Physicians and other healthcare practitioners recognize skilled care and appreciate it when their patient's health improves. To be a part of that "circle of care" is a privilege that I highly regard.

When people find what helps them, they want to "spread the word".

I value this more than any other accolade! 

Here are a few comments what others have to say about Point by Point Myotherapy.

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Dr. Darrin Jessop-Chiropractor/Germantown Chiropractic and Lakeland Chiropractic

Professionally, I have known her to always be an extremely competent and knowledgeable massage therapist. I personally refer many of my patients to her for treatment. She is professional, caring, compassionate and morally grounded. She is an asset the the health community I am part of. 

Dr. Melody Barron-Dentist/TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Memphis

I have known Lisa for more than 18 years. We have worked together in a co-treament manner with many patients. I can attest to her fine moral character which I am proud to say has been an example to me. I can also attest to her professional ethics in co-treatment situations and in my personal knowledge of her ethically

Dr. Ken Clenin-Chiropractor/Total Health Chiropractic

I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work side by side on patient care with Lisa Shelter over the past (20) years. We have worked closely together on numerous cases. I have found her expertise and knowledge, which comes from (40) years of professional service to the musculoskeletal care industry, extremely valuable. We are able to refer patients back and forth with the same anatomical terminology and use.  Lisa fully understands the human anatomy system and its dynamic movement and function, both normal and abnormal. Her ability to communicate with patients at their level of understanding yet go to a deeper level of expertise is invaluable and available at any time and any given moment.

Dr. Terry Hanson-Chiropractor/Educator

I have always been impressed with her commitment for quality care of each person. It is my belief that true patient care involves more than just the application of a massage technique. Care encompasses not just a science but also an art and a passion. Lisa represents these ideals at an extremely high level. She goes the "extra mile" to reach out and make the individual feel totally interactive in the body work experience. The application of art and passion to the science is an environment many have never had before.


 Stuck at your keyboard all day or been over-working your back too much?? I highly recommend Lisa Shelter and Point by Point Myotherapy. She has helped me GREATLY over the past several years and has resolved a number of nagging aches and pains!! You'll be thrilled with the results and feel so much better! - Aaron T.

I was one of Lisa's first patients (since 1999) and I bless the day I met her magic fingers. She has healed my body and my soul throughout the course of our friendship. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best possible, Lisa is a "6!".- Marilyn D.

Lisa is the best. I've been going to her for over 17 years. Her skill in getting to the root problem is incredible. She knows just where to go and, even though there can be a lot of pain in the short term, I always walk out much better than I walked in. She even wrote a note to my chiropractor suggesting a few adjustments that would be beneficial. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend her. - Mike P

Just wanted to let you know that as of last night when I went to bed, I have been almost 100% pain free!!! Thank you for what you have done to help me function so much better physically in my daily activities! God bless you for the service you offer to help others! - Debby M.