How I got started...

I get asked this all the time. Here's my story in a condensed version.

It began from the desire to help others while helping our family Chiropractor in high school. He gave me articles to read and encouraged me to pursue a healthcare career.

Through a series of divinely arranged circumstances I have been able to learn from many gifted physicians who have helped me understand and develop my skills. 

It was Dr. Gerald G. Bronson in Ft. Worth, TX who first introduced me to Myofascial Trigger Points and took the time to explain the myo-skeletal connection. Through his passion and gift of healing I was able to grasp the concepts of quality, compassionate, patient care.

Dr. Bronson instilled in me that the focus of a healthcare professional was to restore the patient to full health and wellness by which ever method was available. The patient comes first! He strongly instilled in me to "to help others you must have compassion from your heart and listen to the innately knows what it needs to heal" This has guided me through many years!

He introduced me the "big red books" called: Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction the Trigger Point Manual by Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons. They have great illustrations and since I had been taking some college courses in medical studies, I could basically understand and it actually made sense. This approach to pain syndromes was gaining recognition and Dr. Bronson encouraged me find out more. Using the techniques in these manuals, the foundation from Dr. Bronson, and other sources, I learned how to eradicate patients' pain and help them restore health to improve their quality of life. 

For a brief time I worked as a dental assistant, for Dr. Burres W. Garrison, III, it was there I learned about TMJ disorders and how dental problems impacted the muscoloskeletal system..

After I married, my husband was in the Air Force. We lived in England and I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Rupert Malloy who helped me develop this philosophy, "If the ailment isn't obvious, go to the opposite." Meaning if the problem isn't responding to your method, use a different approach. Again, challenging me to expand my knowledge base to achieve a better outcome.

Upon returning to the United States then moving to Memphis, I had the opportunity to work with other Chiropractors and healthcare providers which further helped me grow as a practitioner.

I am so blessed and thankful for all the talented mentors in my career.